WRAY: Changing Savannah's fashion industry

ELVAINE, LLC is one of the BizLab companies being incubated at the Creators’ Foundry. ELVAINE’s founder, Elva Jiang, saw the difficulty faced by many female designers who create amazing work in their in-home studios but lack the resources and time to run a sustainable business featuring their own designs.

In most cases, these same designers are also saddled with full-time responsibilities managing households and raising small children. Therefore, Elva founded Eva Design House to empower designers with branding and marketing support, offering a whole spectrum of materials that complement their designs and help their businesses thrive.

Wearable technology meets high fashion

Added on 8:01 AM ET, Thu July 23, 2015
Elva Jiang featured on CNN with her wearable technology project, "The Spiked Orchid". 


Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) announced today that Yin “Elva” Han Jiang (B.F.A., fashion and fashion marketing and management) received one of only four $30,000 Geoffrey Beene National Scholarships for 2015 from the Young Menswear Association (YMA) Fashion Scholarship Fund. An additional eight students from SCAD each received $5,000 scholarships. Founded in 1937, the YMA is an international nonprofit organization composed of influential members in the fashion industry.

Presented during an awards gala held at the Waldorf Astoria New York, the scholarships are awarded to encourage gifted and enterprising young people to pursue careers in fashion design, merchandising, retailing and business so the fashion industry will continue to attract dedicated, capable and creative individuals. Since 1971, more than $8 million in scholarships has been awarded. The Geoffrey Beene Foundation has also donated more than $4.5 million to support the Fashion Scholarship Fund.

SCAD Students Awarded YMA Fashion Scholarships Elva Jiang received $30,000 Geoffrey Beene National Scholarship


今日出刊的《蘋果》報導,江尹涵(22歲)現就讀美國薩凡納藝術與設計學院4年級,這次參與設計賽,她植思首飾品牌「The Spiked Orchid 刺•蘭」,結合智慧行動科技與首飾(如手環、項鍊)、滿足現代女性多方面需求,參加「時尚行銷」項目獲九十六萬元台幣獎金。江尹涵昨透過家人向《蘋果》說:「這是對我最高的肯定!」(胡治言/綜合報導)

Elva Jiang featured in PINK Magazine January 2016 Issue.